Inner Walk, Koh Phangan

“Thoughts are not the truth, and ultimately they are not even yours. They are only voices, sounds, suggestions, opinions of the mind, coming and going all the time, like a flock of birds singing, every bird singing a different tune; a different opinion, suggestion, perspective. You are not the birds; you are the wide open space in which the birds can sing, the awareness that holds the birds, the silence underneath and in-between.

Do not try to silence the birds (for that makes them sing even louder) or destroy them (for they are only parts of yourself longing for love) but allow them to sing, and fly, for that is your power, and your freedom.

The “I am a failure” bird can sing, and the “I am a waste of space” bird can sing, and the “I am the most wonderful bird” bird can sing, and all their in-between friends can sing, and you are a giant nest of awareness, a bird sanctuary, never defined by the chorus of opinions, nor at war with it, the great I AM, undefinable.”

– Jeff Foster

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Inner Walk
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Ofer Rosenthal
Ofer Rosenthal
the simplicity unifying Humanity a medicine that permeable deeply on the 4th day of the Second year during the last hour of walking this Butterfly came and set on me for the whole last chapter... graceful reminder of the freedom that potentially always is withinread more
Amnon Levi
Amnon Levi
חוויה של מסע פנימי עמוק,שכל בן אנוש צריך לעבור, ואושר יהיה על פני האדמה.


Inner Walk Koh Phangan

Inner Walk Koh Phangan

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