Inner Walk

When’s the last time you spent real quality time with yourself? How well do you truly know yourself? How well do you know the technology of your body, mind, and spirit?

We can use meditation to quiet our minds from the constant noise of thoughts, projections, expectations, assumptions, etc. Or… we can use meditation to observe this noise, get to know it, and learn to live beside it in peace and acceptance.

Inner Walk is an observational meditation practice founded on Koh Phangan, Thailand by Prah Olarn, a Buddhist monk born and raised on the island. The practice allows us to learn the art of quiet and objective observation, and gain the use of this tool to apply to our daily lives. When we are able to observe our inner narrative objectively, it begins to lose its power over us, and we can raise our quality of life by gaining both strength and flexibility of thought.

The practice is based on a simple technique of freestyle walking that allows us to observe the constant falling asleep of the mind into thought and awakening back to the present moment. The introduction and initiation to the practice is accomplished through a 4-day journey of dharma talks, walking, and group sharing circles. Once this experience is complete, the practice can be implemented into our lives in any way that suits us individually. Inner Walk is devoted to sharing this experience with anyone who feels interested in learning a new style of meditation that can change your relationship with yourself.

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Inner Walk Koh Phangan

Inner Walk Koh Phangan

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